It’s been really hot the last few days. Makes me think about old summers of riding my bike around Brooklyn, NY. When you live in a place like Brooklyn the shades of the buildings help. The fans in the windows. Johnny pumps that are open from block to block with kids running around laughing and playing.

I don’t think they do that anymore. Most would rather stay inside and if I’m being honest I am pretty sure I WAS ONE OF EM. Yet my parents didn’t like me staying inside on a day like today. They would rather have had me go bike riding or find a friend to hang out with. Just MAKE SURE YOU call every 2 hours. It was great! I didn’t enjoy it back then but I do now, big part of me even misses it.

On a day like today I would get my bike and ride it all the way to sheepshead bay. I would watch the fishermen behind Toy R US. I never liked fishing but I understood the thrill of the catch once it happened. I would visit my friends and we would spend hours looking thru music stores. We never really had any money but we enjoyed looking around and seeing what was new.

If it got really hot we would manage some change and buy quarter drinks. Do flips on monkey bars and just act crazy cause we could. It was great and a big part of me misses it. Today I am just to tired to even think about going outside. I know I have a 40 hour work week ahead of me so I’m managing to do little things around here. Dishes, cleaning, sorting thru comic books I need to catch up on.

I recently stopped my subscriptions of comics because I have soooo many I need to catch up on and I wasn’t reading. Once I catch up again maybe i’ll go back to it but I don’t think so. I think I finally have enough good stories. Same video games.. I think I have enough games to make over the next few months. Need to really catch up on that!

Days like today are hot and really I don’t feel like doing anything at all. Just lay around and maybe eat a little and sleep. I guess we will see what happens soon.

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